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Data Protection for Businesses.
Physical + Virtual | Servers + Endpoints | On-Premise + Cloud

Why Businesses Choose Retrospect Backup

  • Data insurance

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    Retrospect Backup is an insurance policy on your business data. You have insurance for your office, your house, your car, and your health. Your business data deserves one too. Details>>

  • Complete data protection accidents square

    Life Happens

    Retrospect Backup protects your business from what ifs. You never know when something bad will happen to your computer or when disaster will strike, but you can ensure your business data isn't gone forever. Details>>

  • 3 2 1 backup rule


    Every good backup strategy follows the 3-2-1 backup rule–3 copies of your data with 2 media types and 1 offsite–and Retrospect Backup makes it easy. When something bad does happen, just click Restore. shadowsock 4.2.5 apk

CustomersMeet the businesses that trust Retrospect Backup with their data

Retrospect Backup

  • Shield cube 256

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    Retrospect provides complete protection with backup, archive, and duplicate features built in. Details>>

  • Server protection

    Server Protection

    File-level and system-level protection for your servers with point-in-time restores. shadowrocket安卓免费版

  • Client backup


    Deploy agents on every desktop and laptop to ensure complete protection across your entire infrastructure. shadowsock 安卓客户端

  • Cloud cube 256


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    Retrospect supports more than twenty cloud storage providers, all seamlessly integrated with zero-knowledge security and no lock-in. Details>>

  • Backup scripts


    Backup scripts enable you to tailor a backup strategy that works best for your environment. Details>>

  • Support 256


    Our customers rave about their experiences with our excellent Support team, just a phone call or email away. Details>>


NewWhat's New in Retrospect – Retrospect Backup 17 + Retrospect Virtual 2020 with Automatic Onboarding

  • Protecting 100 Petabytes.
  • Used by over 500,000 customers.
  • Sold in over 100 countries.
  • Backing up for 31 years.

Data Protection for Every Industry

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    Retrospect Backup is trusted by educational institutions all over the world, from Harvard and MIT to public schools to day cares. Details>>

  • Solutions creatives square


    Retrospect Backup is used by thousands of creatives around the world, from photographers to design studios to marketing groups. shadowrocket安卓免费版

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    Civilian and military institutions at every level trust Retrospect Backup to protect their mission-critical data. Details>>

  • Solutions enterprise square


    Large organizations scale Retrospect Backup to hundreds of computers per server and dozens of sites. Details>>

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    “In 12 years, it's restored 100% of the time.”

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    “Retrospect is ideal for business environments.”

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    “Retrospect makes even the most massive Mac backups simple.”

  • Cnet

    “Retrospect for Mac is bursting with backup options.”

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Product Webinar: How to Set Up Remote Backups with Retrospect Backup

Join us for a 30-minute webinar on remote backups and how to protect computers outside of the corporate network, hosted by Werner Walter, Director of North America Sales and Robin Mayoff, Director of Technical Support.


See all upcoming and on-demand webinars >>

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